Prince Stirbey 2019 Negru Dragasani Rezerva SEC


2019 NEGRU DE DRAGASANI REZERVA SEC, Prince Stirbey: 15.0% Vol

Descendant of the varieties of Negru Vartos and Babeasca Neagra, the diversity of the Dragasani region is reflected in this variety – the warm and sunny climate, the whole range of fruits and spices and the charm of the inhabitants.

After ageing for at least one year in oak barrels, this wine is presented with a dense bouquet in the nose and velvety elegance in the mouth – seductive, inviting for more, never tiring. The tannin structure intensifies, but it never covers the particular character of the Negru de Dragasani variety. It is suitable as a companion to young and fresh cheeses as well as roastbeef or other fine meat, but also to pasta and risotto in Italian cuisine.

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