Fedora Vineyard

The Kobal family planted their first vines above the village of Dolanci as early as 1880. An especially important figure was our “pranono”, which is the designation people of Primorska use for their great-grandfathers. He produced 30,000 litres of Vipavec which was primarily exported to Trieste and Ljubljana. Most of the vines planted back then were of the Rebula, Malvasia, Riesling, Italico, Zelen, Pinella, Dišečka, Volovnik, Glera and Pikolit varieties.  Cultivation of the vineyards was done with the aid of horses, which were kept on our farm until 1983. Up until World War II, the farm also doubled as osmica, which is a kind of tavern that is only open during the harvesting season and sells locally produced wine.

After World War II, the process of nationalisation meant that private sales were no longer allowed; instead, we had to sell the grapes to a cooperative winery. Since 1975 the farm was maintained by the father, Kazimir, who preserved some of the best plots of land and kept expanding on them, while making his name as a respected member of the cooperative winery.  In 2014 me and my wife Mojca made a decision to move to the farm and become full-time winegrowers. We withdrew from the cooperative winery and embarked on the journey towards independent winegrowing. Thus the Fedora winery was born, and the very first year we produced, Pinella 2016, received an international prize. At this time, we have 30,000 vines. Some are fully matured while others are still young and will produce their first grapes in the following years.