I Veroni vineyard

Founded in the middle- ages, today the farm buildings combine centuries old structures and contemporary additions. Parts of the first stone wine fermentation tank built in 1809 are still visible in the original cellar. At the start of the 20th century the family of Carlo Malesci purchased the vineyard from the Modigliani di Rufina family. ”I Veroni” is derived from the wide terraces surrounding the farm which lies in the Pontassieve Hills. The vineyards cover 15 hectares. In 1996 Lorenzo Mariani took over the management of the business and, together with Emilio Monechi,  he began the important business of  specialising in wine production I Veroni

Today, Bolgheri, is its own DOC, elevated from IGT status thanks to the Super Tuscan movement, which simply put is winemaking that incorporates international grape varieties and vinification practices that fall outside traditional Italian wine laws. Hence, wines are not allowed to be labelled as classic regions (that is, until enough producers protest and new laws are written and new DOCs formed).

Tenuta Collazzi


Tenuta Collazzi has belonged to the Marchi family since 1933.
The property is almost 400 hectares of which 25 hectares are vineyards.
Over the last decade the Marchi siblings have given new incentives to the business, restructuring the vineyards and the winery, with the desire to produce excellent wines.
At Collazzi the microclimate is on average warmer and drier than the surrounding area because a part of the property lies in a natural amphitheater, with a perfect South-West exposure.
The generous exposure to the sun and the mildly average daytime temperatures allow an extended and complete maturation of the grapes, homogeneous from year to year.
The olive trees, trained in specialized cultivation for the production of a precious extra virgin olive oil, occupy 120 hectares of property.
In addition, Collazzi is dedicated to honey bee breeding, from which it obtains a small production of honey.