2015 Prince Stirbey Feteasca Regala, Fata Bin Butoi Sec, Genus Loci:


2015 Feteasca Regala ,Fata din Butoi Sec, Genus Loci, Prince Stirbey:  White Wine: 13.5% Vol: 75cl btts

“Genus Loci”, or “Spirit of the Place”, from the latin origin of the French notion of “Terroir” – but with an additional accent on the notion of creating, imminent to the farmers work, especially in the winegrowers work – offers a new access to a wine region and to its very specific winemaking traditions. With our range of “Genius Loci” we intend to offer wines strictly linked to our wine region Dragasani, and so typical that they become unique:

Our wine of Feteasca Regala Genius Loci 2013 was created of a traditional Romanian grape variety, in the century-old method of vinification of winegrowers in Dragasani, using only wooden barrels, letting the wine ferment spontaneously, without adding selected yeast, avoiding any technical or chemical treatments – apart of adding sulphur and a soft filtering. After having fermented in Romanian oak barrels, it was aged for 18 months in the same barrels on the fine lees.

The unique character of this grape variety is different from all other white grapes in Romania, due to its bouquet of exotic fruits and its intense structure of fine tannins from its berries´ skin – a rarity between all other white grape varieties

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Fata din Butoi Sec


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