2019 Stokelj Planta Rdeca Dry, Red. Slovenia.


2019 Stokelj Planta Rdeca dry red. 14.0% Vol.  75% Merlot, 15% Barbera, 5% Merlot from dried grapes.

Merlot and Barbera are planted in rich-soil areas of the Štokelj Estate. The Planta variety of deep purple colour is produced from the older vineyard, where Merlot and Barbera vines are alternately planted in rows, known as “plante” in colloquial terms. Ripe red fruit, black pepper, vanilla and spicy and caramel notes remind us that Planta is a complex wine variety, with a pleasant freshness and ripe tannins.

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2019 Stokelj Planta Rdeca, Red 13.5% Vol.


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