2019 Feteasca Neagra Dry, Cramer Oliver Bauer


2019 F.N. (Feteasca Neagră), Crama Bauer:  100 % Feteasca Neagră, single vineyard: dry red wine: Vintage: 2019: Limited edition : 3250 bottles:  14,5% Vol. Alc:

Feteasca Neagra is a very old and by far the best-known Romanian red wine variety. Unfortunately very vigorous and especially if planted in the wrong locations (rich soil, lots of water and sun) a guarantee for over-ripeness and extreme sugar and color levels what makes a coherent choice of where the vineyard is planted crucial. Due to its physiological and organoleptic properties, however, we see the Feteasca Neagra more in the direction of a very rich Pinot Noir or similar grape varieties. The grapes for this wine come from a 15 year old vineyard near Segarcea/Oltenia and the vines are planted on sandy loamy soils. Vinification takes place in open stainless steel tanks with overflow (for the pigeage) and without added selected yeast. After fermentation the wine ages at least 18 months in 1500 litre vats (French oak) with at least 6 months of batonnage. Feteasca Neagra has a very good aging potential and therefore requires aeration or double decanting if opened young.



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