2018 Prince Stirbey Sauvignonasse


2018 Prince Stirbey Sauvignonasse sec: 14.0% vol:  75cl btt:

Sauvignonasse is a grape variety quite common in Romania. However, its correct name rarely appears on the label, being always considered identical to Sauvignon Blanc.  However it is a special variety, with a special character, with a fragrant bouquet, mild acidity, resulting in a finer and more harmonious wine, which is suitable for a wide range of culinary associations.

After vinification in stainless steel tanks, this wine matured for a year in large oak barrels, completing the finesse and harmony of the variety with a fuller structure of the wine. We suggest you enjoy it with a raw ham with mozzarella and arugula, a baked sea wolf with tomatoes and capers, or a tender chicken with thyme and rosemary.

For the label of this wine we chose an advertisement for Stirbey Wine from the beginning of the 20th century, which makes us think of the noble Stirbey wines, served at festive meals over 100 years ago.

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