2018 Cabernet Sauvignon, Cramer Oliver Bauer


2018 Cabernet Sauvignon, Cram Bauer:  100 % Cabernet Sauvignon, single vineyard: dry red wine: Vintage: 2018:Limited edition : 5000 bottles:  15 % Vol. Alc: For our Cabernet Sauvignon we only use a clone selected in Dragasani (clone 7) which is very well adapted to the local climate condition. The vineyard is 20 years old and harvesting is manual (approx. 6 tons/ha). After selection, the grapes are de-stemmed, sorted again and then fermented in an open vat without the addition of selected yeasts. Pigeage is done by manually 3-4 times a day. There is no temperature control (28 -30 degrees Celsius). The malolactic fermentation is initiated with special lactic acid bacteria. All of our red wines are inoculated in this way, because MLF is not actually a process like alcoholic fermentation, but a metabolization of malic acid into lactic acid. Ideally, this process should not affect the taste of the wine, but only its structure/mouth feel (it becomes “softer”) and stability (less SO2 required). It would normally also take place naturally, but all our red wines also have a desired, solid acidity and a correspondingly low pH value. This, in combination with the unavoidable, increased alcohol content of not infrequently over 14.5 vol.%, leads to very difficult conditions for the bacteria, which unfortunately often ends in an incomplete BSA and the associated off-flavors and increased levels of undesirable by-products (e.g. histamine). We also would like to avoid over-extracting tannins or colorings through increased mechanical stress during fermentation. Therefore we prefer a longer standing time of 5 to 7 weeks on the mash and a very short pressing time of max. 20 minutes . Due to the long standing times on the mash, 65 – 70% of the red wine can be obtained simply by pre-drafting and completely without a press. This is followed by aging in 1000 liter cuves (French oak) for at least 18 months on the fine lees, but without batonnage, before being lightly filtered and bottled.




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